Attack on Trid: Theepius' Revenge

G2: Session 9: Don't inhale

NtS: Obscuring fogs NEVER work in your favor...

Back in the combat! Kasha impales the final midget in front of her, which explodes in a flash of light… luckily not one that’s blinding. Thidel moves to get assistance from Marty, who tells him that there are no potions for him to heal up. Idris chucks a ball of fire into the smoke cloud, them moves to a ‘safer’ position hiding behind corpse kasha.
Chareim moves to interject between the three closing in on Raizerin, and Kasha follows, a two man wall. Thidel also takes the opportunity to move to the side of Kasha, now with her in the middle of the three. Marty moves in and makes the fourth man on the wall.
Unfortunately, as the creeps move in, they and we four (plus raizerin) are engulfed in the cloud. Kasha elbows teh two next to her an moves ten feet forward into the blackness. She evades two strikes, on her right and left. Lashing out at the one on teh right but missing. Thidel also shifts forward and whiffs his attack. Marty, moving as he’s listening to the voices of Viola and the Ambassador, winding up in the corner with them. Bargheld is freaking out, and having heard that discussion, Chareim tactically retreats to the Efreeti. Kasha also begins to withdraw towards the voices she heard, directly behind her, trying to find Raizerin, who was heard emitting a muffled scream.
Thidel runs past her, heading down the stairs of the bleachers. He then sees that the bleachers are engulfed in a glob of shadow… or just really black darkness.
The Efreeti begins to move along the wall, but is felled by tiny stabby tools while traveling to try and escape the cloud. Marty, with Bargheld still freaking out, starts to feeling about his space. He finds the butt of the Orc, and then a dirty ragged thing in front of him, at about waist height.
Chareim begins to sidle past Marty, towards the Efreeti he heard go down, since that was his target for this mission. As he passes, Marty says he feels something dirty in front of his at waist height… Chareim takes it as innuendo, and hilarity ensues until, rather than trying to get him to touch what’s dirty and at waist-height, Marty asks him to stab it. Chreim takes a swing, and his sword clangs off the ground.. there is a promise to replace the blade should it be chipped after assurances that there was literally a dude right there.
At that moment, the cloud recedes, downwards into the cave (or so we think).
Upon that change, Kasha rushes to Raizerin’s crumpled form, and staunches her wounds. She then carries her to the place that Marty is, at he looks over the Efreeti and stops the poison in him. Leaving her there, Kasha moves down and investigates the platform, and then upon finding only the evidence of the scortch marks left by the elemental’s fire, she checks the place the dark creepers were felled, and finds no evidence either. The clothes were taken as well, leaving no trace of the dudes that we were attacking. Knowing that Dark Creepers combust in a flash of light, leaving their equipment, she knows they took the people along.
They proceeded after the dark cloud, into the cave, and Viola attempted to open the portal.. but it’s small, and she asks Chareim for help. He sticks his hand out to help, and an inky darkness flies out of the ring, into the portal and then splashes off onto Viola. She tells us that the ring was cursed by those guys, and it is plugged on this end. We have no way to escape from here now. Through the cracks in the cave walls, we can see sunlight as we debate the action to take.
Kasha climbs up the main pillar on the platform, to watch the sunrise. While there, Marty follows her up, and Kasha and Marty have a short discussion about his feelings after Kasha’s death… and Kasha is still feeling rather miserable and abandoned. Marty is having odd new emotions about her death, and how lost he felt after she died. Kasha, being still traumatized about the whole affair asks it to be dropped for now, until they find a more stable situation to discuss things.
Having no other choices, we being our trek down the mountain and through the forest again. Luckily, having been prepared by past experiences, they make it through the jaunt in the forest admirably. At the other end, Kasha takes a pot shot at one of the forest minions and nails it in the face, causing it to explode greusomely.
The sunrise shifts horizontally, around the mountain. The sky in bloody red, the sun was hidden by the mountain for four hours, and at it’s highest it might have 4 hours of total sunlight. The times between that move between dusk and dawn…
Directionally, we have the mountain being ‘North’ and the direction the critters were heading was south. We travel in the desert, with the orc having a rough time, Kasha assists him through the desert, since she doesn’t get tired in any way… being dead and all.
They keep on trucking through the desert… and wind up in front of a large, tornado-like structure, with a door.



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