Attack on Trid: Theepius' Revenge

G2: Session 8: Small strides

Make for long lives..?

We’re in the edge of the forest we make a decision to go into the forest, attempting to be sneaky about it. We then proceed inwards… encountering one plant monster, which is promptly slain by our group.
If the plant creatures are within a certain distance away from us, they can sense us as long as we’re in the forest.
We reach the altar after a hustle through the forest, and find a bunch of children, tied to posts, being entertained by a horrible clown jester.
As we hustle in, they notice us, and drawn their weapons – coming at us.
There are nine visible in total, with more closer towards the shrine, as our fearless first leader finds.
Games paused with Idris, Thidel, Kasha, and Marty’s dog surrounding and whaling on a single darkfolk, with Marty in the rear taking potshots with ray of frost and Raizerin nailing guys with her rifle.
The poles with children tied to them are still engulfed in a choking smoke, probably still aflame inside, but our eyes cannot pierce the darkness.
Three are incoming from the left, the ones from the rear are… an unknown status.

[This was a short night – started super late. Need to add to what little was noted though.]



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