Attack on Trid: Theepius' Revenge

G2: Session 7: The Long Road

It's usually paved with good intentions... right?

As Thidel moves through the woods being berated by Marty for his failure as a leader to intervene in any way in the death of his childhood friend, Idris notices a town out in the distance, closer to the coastline. He informs the troop, and after a short amount of bickering they move further down the coastline towards it, through the forest.
As they proceed, Thidel is in the back of the line… he’s jumped by a grape monster (Wartlings), which begins to claw at Thidel, getting in some good scratches. Idris tries to fry the critter with a small fire produced in his hand, but misses and singes Marty’s hair… Marty, being pissed, forms a stone fist, and destroys the plant monster… then Marty proceeds to punch Idris in the face for damaging his hair.
Now covered in plant goo they begin to run miles down the mountain to the coast, to escape the 15miles radius of the plant monsters. Thidel begins to fall behind, and exhausted, he is overcome by the swarm and drug off into the forest (to be fed to a giant tree).
They reach the coast – but the sea appears to be poisoned. They noticed that the sun actually is moving more horizontally that vertically in the sky… as it should be setting. Quite a hostile world. At the crappy settlement, they feel the withered eyes settle upon them as they enter town. Eyes and hands peek out from crappy walls (more like a palisade).

Note to self – dossiers to write:
Agwen..? Warforged…
Lillette Rue, runs ingredient shop and knows all things creepy and crawly.
Garrik Nezz. Half-Giant Sorcerer.
Alazar Bauchus – shadowcaster,
Viola Gatall – a soulknife that can blow shit up. Sexy socialite bitch.
(Can’t take special officer Deimo)
Ensign Ezra Crispin – the guard…

Back in Mountaintown:
A warning alarm around the camp sounds, and Charem searches for Officer Deimo… and finds him is a rather distressed state, roaring about the ‘fucking idiots, who are gone.’ They lost the ambassador from the netherworld, and vanished.
Him being already prepped and ready to go (having just disposed of the bodies), Charem goes to the mountain. Along the way, there is a procession of guards waiting in a corridor. There, at the shadow rift, Officer Gatall is waiting with Special Officer Deimos. He hands Charem a gold ring, and tells him that the ring is the only way to get back, so DON’T LOSE it. Gatall has one as well, so don’t fear. The only priority is the Diplomat.
They pass through the wall, and arrive in the cave, finding Kasha’s arrows and Marty’s obscene scrawlings. He proceeds cautiously upwards from the cave entrance. They arrive outside the cave, and Charem sees a coliseum before them, with a small altar and pillar in the center, bleachers along the sides. He reads the orc markings, and figures out that they’re in a sacred proving ground. ‘The worthy shall live’ dominates the markings.
Gatall knows that it’s a sacred ground, and from her studies, Orc cultures from other worlds would get together and play games. They would bring their elf captives, bring them to the arena, chain them to the pillar upright. The tribes teams of 5-6 would come together and try to grab a small iron ball dedicated to the glory of the gods, the whole point would be to throw it at the elf prisoners, spilling their blood and whichever team could accomplish this the best would be blessed.
In front of them, spread out around the arena, orc corpses are everywhere in the arena. He notices at the center, there is a blood-splattered iron ball with glowing runes at the center. Charem approaches the center of the altar… and tries to read the runes that are covered in blood. He starts to wipe the blood off with his shirt. There is an eye on the orb, and it looks up at you and glows. It emits a large growl all around them and inside their heads.
He picks up the ball, and hears a voice ‘the blood will be satisfied.’ It cracks itself against Charem’s skull, scoring a good hit. They stand back to back, Gatall and Charem, and slay 97 zombies. Charem goes and picks up the sphere again, and it whaps him in the head again, calling out ‘you are worthy.’ It falls silent, and now Charem is left with a plain orb.
Charem moves back to the body that was special, and having prodded the corpse, starts to look for an exit, having found nothing interesting.
Dropping the ball onto Kasha’s corpse, results in her being reanimated. A tad worse for wear, she begins to check over her newly reanimated body. Fantastic. In the meantime, Viola picks up the orb, and probably the thing Kasha’s soul in chained to, giggling like its Christmas. And Kwanza, and Chaunaka. As Kasha tracks the footprints of the party members, they move into the forest.
Not long after that, Kasha hears Thidel screaming, and sets off after his voice. They come upon him being dragged off by five bruised-looking orc monsters. After Kasha jokes with Viola, her giggling alerts them, and the slicing and dicing begins. Viola begins chanting to the orb… enhancing Kasha’s attacks seemingly. They chop up the blueberries and release Thidel. After questioning him, they proceed after the drag marks…
Back to the village! There, they encounter some very crochety old people, who tell them that children have gone missing, and that they don’t know what is going on to steal their children. They have a heated argument and the old lady ‘begins the rain dance.’ At that time, a lizard with four tails and the size of an ogre creeps up out of the ocean. A second head appears as well… and they creep up to the old people, and pounce on the old lady. When the old man shuffles forward to flail at them, they then bite off the old man’s head.
They start running towards the forest, but at the treeline there are the plant monsters waiting. The monsters having been sated, proceed to the northeast at a nonchalant pace. The trio come back to the ‘town’ and check for more people. They find a journal on the corpse of the old man. It talks about them being abandoned, and that the children are disappearing at night. They curse the blood gods, and the old king for causing Serena to fall.
As they argue on the beach, they encounter a small lizard of the same type as the previous band of twelve, and Marty feeds it some old-person finger-food. It talks to them in Abyssal, tells them that they head Northeast, past the blender to the mulcher. After asking a few more questions about the safety of the area, to which it laughs, it darts off to the northeast after it’s older brothers.
At that, they continue to argue, and we enter the beach from the woods. We have a touching reunion, and wind up taking the path back towards the portal.



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