Attack on Trid: Theepius' Revenge

G2: Session 6: Rule #11 – Don’t piss off gods

Conveniently, Rule #1 is ‘Don’t ask about the other rules.’

Starting up where we’d last left our adventuring group… or not… apparently, only two of our party saw fit to venture down to the podium, the others staying the the stands to watch the hoard rise in the arena. As the mob shambles ever closer to our trapped pair, our group leader springs forward and punches the nearest zombie in the back of the skull.. to no effect. Kasha arms herself with her greatsword, and begins hacking at the nearest zombies, bisecting one neatly. Marty throws a bomb into the crowd, but it appears to have no real effect, just as Raizerin calls forth a small meteor shower, which is also ignored.

They continue to fight valiantly, with Kasha slicing and dicing another zombie, as the half in the stands futilely attempt to shoot and punch the advancing zombies. Having no other path of escape, Kasha tosses her grappling hook to Marty, who throws it to the stands, which is then grabbed and brought as high up the northern-side stands as possible and tied.

The other end being tied to the central pillar, Marty and Kasha then being their harrowing crawl across the ropes, inches from the clutches of hundreds of slavering zombies focusing on the flesh of only them, though the other three were pelting them from the bleachers. Marty, having downed his Mutagen prior to beginning the climb speedily passes Kasha, climbing over her and proceeding further on the rope.

Kasha slips from the rope a little more than halfway over the pile of zombies, and they descend with much gnashing upon her flailing body, as Marty looks on in horror. The scream rings out but a moment before it becomes a gargled and choked with blood and zombie munching.

Their attentions distracting by munching on the very very blood-stained shirt of Kasha, the group is able to flee the zombie hoard unnoticed, with a shocked and traumatized Marty being dragged on by Raizerin.

KIA: Kasha Trahvisk by an angry Orcish god’s zombie hoard. Your tail was awesome and left this world too soon to be fully utilized.



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