Attack on Trid: Theepius' Revenge

G2: Session 5: Getting in and out

The biggest. hole. EVER.

In the morning after their escapades which ended in the capture of tentacled guards and the reassignment of one Corporal Crispin, our trio of Apprentices begin to stir – Raizerin, shuffling about completing her morning ritual and looking for the nearest toilet. Marty, who determines that it’s better to use the alleyway near his tent for a toilet, so that he might enjoy the fresh morning air rather than be trapped in line at the head with the stink. Of course, looking everywhere but where he was peeing, Marty finds the head of a homeless man which, in and of itself would be insult for the poor bastard, but after a short moment injury was added to the list – Marty’s urine this particular morning was rather caustic it seems.

Kasha, in her morning rounds happens upon Marty dragging what appears to be a very dead homeless man… and upon questioning learns the bitter truth – and promptly leaves before she is roped into anything akin to what happened prior to graduation. Kasha reluctantly knocks on the door of the three ‘esteemed guests’ who are somehow attached to the apprentice group still, though they were certainly no friends of Abyssm… and finds no response. Again, she knocks, then finds the doorknob unlocked, and the room dark within. Moving to open the blinds and let light in, her boots squick on the floor… and there revealed, are three bodies in various states of violent bloody death. The Mute, missing all his organs… SEB, without her skin… finally, DEB sans her leopard, in a catatonic state. Kasha knows not what to do…

So she calls for Marty. And they dance the happy, terribly distasteful yet absolutely satisfying dance of adulation towards the murderer – there may have been a jig involved, and tea-bagging. The celebrations complete, Kasha calls for the watchmen and reports what has transpired. The watchmen are horrified, and some promptly exit the room heaving. The ones who stay, only stay long enough to ensure no one else is in the room, then stand watch outside. A report reaches the ears of the wonderful S.O. Deimos, and he appears at the scene, none-too-happy.

Having a new headaches to deal with, Deimos orders Charem to ‘fix’ DEB, and three of the apprentices, to gather along with the Gith and proceed with today’s planned event: Idris’s day into a volcano.

The Gith now in charge of our lovely band of misfits, Raizerin, Kasha, and Marty, proceeds with the plan, and they begin by collecting their resident diplomat from hell, Idris. Winding their way through town and into the mountain tunnels, which they have been given special dispensation to enter, the group proceeds uneventfully to the central chamber, where they find an extremely deep hole emitting the most disquieting sounds. Of course, the hole was surrounded by troops firing rifles downwards at the invisible horrors generating those noises, so all was stable and secure.

They were informed that this was the furthest they should venture, and as they’ve now seen the most important parts, they should begin their return trek – staying away from ANY side tunnels. Of course, this was sagely advice that could not be ignored, so they carefully began picking their way back along the main tunnel, surrounded by the comfort of lit torches. Which promptly are extinguished, the fires gathering around the Envoy and whisking him down a side tunnel at a rapid pace.

The apprentices spring into action, dashing down after their wayward envoy as rapidly as their feet will carry them…. and right to a deadend, with but a wisp of smoke left where the fiery giant had vanished through the wall. Marty notices that the wall itself is not solid, and could lead to anywhere.

After some quick debate, Kasha sends a one-way message to Deimos and the Guard Captain they’d met, informing them of the loss of the Envoy, then marks the cave walls where they are preparing to depart from so that, if reinforcements ever DO, come they might see the chalk indicators and pursue. One by one, they step through the rift…

And end up in a moist cave.

Kasha proceeds to mark this side of the cave as well, and begins skulking towards the scent of Idris, further up into the cave. Near the entrance of the cave, they spy their charge… having a conversations with an insect-like messenger of hell, bitching at him to hurry up and get souls and weapons for the masters of hell and their war. They wait until the messenger disappears, then slink forwards and after a short while avail themselves to Idris, who seems to pretend that nothing particularly odd has occurred.

Ignoring things for now, our intrepid planar adventurers venture forth to the entrance and come upon some strange blue flowers, rooted in the skeletalized corpse of an extremely densely-boned individual. Raizerin informs everyone that the plants are rather dangerous, known as Weed-Whips. When disturbed, these plants can can considerable damage, and the cave is packed with them. Having no other choice but to move forward, the group begins to individually target the plants, mowing them down one by one and proceeding to the mouth of the cave. Upon exiting the cave, they find themselves in some kind of ritual ground – bleachers on either side, and altar in the center, and fields of the same weeds stretching out before them.

While the group debates about what to do, Kasha takes it upon herself to blast almost every weed in the arena, opening a path to the central platform. There, they find two sockets at the bottom of the pillar resulting in a concentrated search of the grounds for what might fit those sockets. The party finds but one orb, though they slaughtered all plants in order to search – the process taking until just before nightfall. The orb appeared to have an eye carved into it. Kasha proceeds to take the orb, and first try to place it in the right socket, which upon nearing with the orb causes it to be drawn magnetically into the proper left socket. It lolls, spins and twirls in the socket before coming to rest on the party one by one, and beginning to talk in some unintelligible language… that is, to all but Marty, who informs us it’s Orcish, and it claims to be the ‘Blood God’.

Unfortunately, it turns out that Marty isn’t the best party spokesman when it comes to ancient orcish gods, predictably managing to rub it the wrong way and resulting in the moon becoming blood red, calling fallen orcs all around us to rise and attack, some still with the plants clinging.

With hundreds of surrounding zombies, what will our tactful party do to get out of this situation! Find out next week!



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