Attack on Trid: Theepius' Revenge

G2: Session 11: Veteran's Day Special!

Viola-tions of common sense

Upon waking, well-rested

Buxom, White Streak in her hair, and dark skin – Viola Gatall.
Gastok – the four-armed demon that is giving Viola a massage.
Viola decides to stay in town – loves the view and liveliness. And gore. Kasha does make idle threats about telling her father she eloped with two chiseled four-armed demons.

‘Slicer’ – the demon halfling that was fighting in the ring, who glowy-eyed red-haired halfing.
Munch: No one has ever died ‘on purpose’ in the arena – they are intended to be used to fight demons, so the cadets aren’t meant to die.
We’re supposed to carry blastcaps with us..? Modified ones, to stick to walls… with the det charges shaped inwards. There are 15 in this bag.
Give a nice report about our findings to Munch when we’re done.
Tokie – the one-legged stablemaster… he’s very sensitive about the leg. We’re to visit him to get kitted out with the gear we need for our adventure. An old man, with a peg leg. Don’t ask him about the leg.
He tells us that getting more than one lizard in the group is a bad idea – they’re intelligent. Idris insists on a lizard, as well as Thidel’s. The rest of us retrieve chickens. Sir Wiggleton – Raizerin’s riding chicken. Chareim’s chicken is chicken 2. Marty names his chicken Dr. Cocks. Kasha does not rename her chicken. The lizards don’t have names – they’ll know what their names are/when you’re addressing them.
We buy jerky and provisions/equipment in the bazaar, then proceed into the desert… We cross the desert uneventfully. As we arrive at the forest, we sneak our way through the forest, until the fat lizard that is the ambassador’s drags along the forest floor oudly, attracting the attention of the plant critters. He takes off, dashing past us while yelling that ’they’re on me’. He actually makes it up the mountain – at the end of the forest he decides to get the lizard to try to snatch one of the grapes with his tongue… but he fails miserably, the tongue slapping his face, causing the lizard to freak out and roll, knocking the ambassador unconscious.
We continue to be stealthy, finally arrive at the top of the cave… we see the ambassador leaned up against a dwarven tunneling tank. Mr. Slicer licking and prodding the ambassador. 4 dwarves are atop the tank, eating the remains of the lizard. Slicer wants to eat him… We have a short debate about whether to ambush them or be diplomatic with them. We decide to play it nice, and Kasha and Chareim approach the group. Kasha persuade Mr. Slicer to part with his new meal for two pounds of Marty’s face jerky… which he happily does. The dwarves tell us to shove off, because they are going to be paid by Munch to find the stuff underground, rather than us being paid. Despite our protests to not care about the money, they insist that it’s their claim and we should get out. We just tell them that we’re going to enter to explore, for the adventure.
Piffy Slicer – the Demon Halfling, is called into the tunneler, and they take off into to mountain. After a short time of us, minus our unconscious ambassador and Thidel, following the tunneler, we lose sight of the tunneler. Not just sight, but sound. It very abruptly ends, with no explosions or bloody screams at all. We continue after them, down the tunnel they were apparently in, and come across 6 skeletons sitting in a semi-circle on stone thrones. As we continue forwards, Kasha steps forwards (seeing no other direction to go) and the skeletons come alive, asking: Who dares disturb our slumber?
And the game ends for tonight – on a… throne-hanger?



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