Attack on Trid: Theepius' Revenge

G2: Session 10: It's just a stitch

Or ten

We knock on the door… after a short conversation in Abyssal, the door creaks open, the wasp-like material kinda peels back/cracks open, allowing entrance.
The proceed through a hallway, and arrive at a bazaar – beyond that we hear the sounds of battle and can hear bones crunching, and people enjoying an arena.

…somewhere along teh line we picked up 6000 Gold pieces… from ‘working.’ yeah.

As Marty is browsing for poisons, and Kasha is sticking to him like glue (looking for a cloak to hide her corpse), and trying to make sure he doesn’t get too much into trouble. As he is browsing, there come five guards and they demand their accompanyment. They lead them down a wall passageway. An office overlooking a pit, with men and ‘man things’ fighting, seemingly to the death. There are all sorts of people surrounding the pit, imbibing odd liquids.
Guard Togarath – the head of the five guards that came and drug Kasha and Marty off to Master Munch’s office above the fighting pit.
Master Fergeson Munch – A short stubby little guy with an overly large coat. He questions us in his office about where we came from, how we got here, what we encountered, and requests that, as I’m ‘scaring’ his guests, Kasha allow them to alter her corpsiness.
Gorgaloth – a guy that leads us off to the doctory looking guys that are supposed to ‘freshen’ Kasha up.
The rest of the party continues shopping, and notices a missing pair. They then question those who noticed us missing. Viola finally answers that we went missing, taken by a bunch of guards into the side of the wall. Upon further prompting, she blows a hole in the wall then attempts to escape via coat shopping… but Chareim pursues, and requests the shiny orb form her. After some cajoling she forks it over and proceeds to go coat shopping.
The others proceed up the ramp, and continue into the chamber of the fat man Munch… they find the guards spears against their throats. Chareim addresses Munch, who orders the guards to lower their spears, and invites them closer, giving them the same questioning. They answer in a similar fashion, and are invited to stay the night to be wined and dined. They accept. Mandaly – the servant who takes the guests to the room – leads them off. Kareem is the pronunciation for Chareim… Bladeling Guards are what we’re dealing with.
Thidel hunts down the only friendly face in the bazaar, Viola, and she points him in the direction of the wall. However, he is turned away by the guard at the top of the stairs. Thidel proceeds to find an inn to stay the night.
The rest of the party arrives for dinner having been presented with a variety of classy clothes. They all come to the table, and are entertained to a feast of all sorta of meats, etc.
The Mulch Pit was named after the pit that’s inside, which is used to train their cadets. This world, which Munch doesn’t come from either. This world was once a normal world, but in the past demons of all kinds poured through, and the people who were here didn’t fair well. It tipped on it’s axis, and swerves about, resulting in the sky being as it is. The oceans turned to acid, and ate away the lands, save for the places up in the north that we’re at.
Poor farmers who could not pay their bills, ex-nobles from the capital. Came out to the wildlands. This is the only piece of safe-haven in this area. We came from the east, but the capital is in the west. The king took the royal army off to the war. The cosmic war, the great war.
Rebel scum exist here on this world. The kingdoms that fought for the forces of heaven. There are still some guardians still hanging about. King was summoned away by his ‘higher lower masters.’ But, a few months ago, a great bright light fell into the ruins of the kingdoms. They don’t really know what is going on there. After the purge of 1503 – there have been no more dragons.
During the ancient war for this world, as you can tell most of the world melted away beneath the oceans, but the land of the northernmost continent was able to resist it. So demons scour the skies, due to a pact with the demons that the king made so that his kingdom would continue to rule. This used to be the great cold white north. In the past, this area used to be the place that the people sent all of their dead to continue fighting forever.
Dwarves and Gnomes made pacts with the netherrealms, and thus they are still in the mountains.
There is a possibility
The king of this world is a half-fiend, his devil spawn run this world like it’s their own personal toybox.
Selraina, the old kingdom that was ruined stand?
So we have been given three possible paths to choose, venture to the capital and probably be axed.
We wind up eliminating the acid ocean from the list, then crazy rulers, so the final logical choice is proceeding into the realm of the dead with the lucrative backing of Munch.
Kasha’s total gold haul: 6041 G! Rollin’ in it.



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